Katharine Leslie

Katharine P. Leslie has a doctorate in developmental psychology, and is certified as a “family life educator” by the National Council on Family Relations. Through her company Brand New Day Counsulting, she offers seminars, in-home and telephone “parent coaching” services, and sells her self-published books, When a Stranger Calls You Mom (2004) and Coming to Grips with Attachment (2007).

Leslie describes herself as the “adoptive mother of four special needs children.” She and her husband, Steve Case, at one time hosted an internet podcast called the “Dr Mama and Psychodad Show.” She and two other mothers form “MaTrio,” a group offering what they call entertaining educational presentations.

Leslie claims to have a “novel approach for activating the social engagement circuitry of traumatized children.” She frequently presents continuing-education classes around the country, and her offerings are advertised by the American Psychological Association. She is a keynoter for several Attachment Therapy-related conferences, including that of the Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children (ATTACh) and the Attachment Disorder Network (now called the Attachment & Trauma Network)

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