“Parental Alienation Syndrome” (PAS)


The theory positing the existence of ‘PAS’ has been discredited by the scientific community.

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Adults who went through Parental Alienation
Therapy program in California speak out about
their experiences. See
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2015-07-14 by Richard D. Pace

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HARPER, Texas — Deep in the Texas Hill Country, off a rutted road with a sign that says "Deer Processing,'' sits a three-bedroom mobile home. This is the Rachel House, run by Pamela and Bob Hoch. Dozens of kids from all over the nation have been brought here for days, even weeks with the goal of making them like a parent they fear or despise.

Tsimhoni in Review: Community Action Group The Tsimhoni case gained international attention when the three children (ages 14, 11 and 9) were berated in Court by Judge Gorcyca and unlawfully incarcerated to Juvenile detention until their 18th birthdays.

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An APA 1996 Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family noted the lack of data to support so-called "parental alienation syndrome", and raised concern about the term's use. However, we have no official position on the purported syndrome.

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“Although some mental health professionals and child custody evaluators, attorneys, and judges have been quick to accept and admit PAS as evidence in these disputes, there has been no consistent empirical or clinical evidence that PAS is a valid syndrome or that the so called "alienator's" behavior is the actual cause of the alienated child's behavior towards the target parent (Walker et al, 2005). In fact, the majority of mental health and legal experts who have studied the issue consider PAS theory to be both erroneous and dangerous to the children involved.”
*Includes extensive bibliography on the evidentiary admissibility of PAS

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