Mission Statement

Advocates for Children in Therapy (ACT) is a not-for-profit organization concerned with the methods used in the treatment of children’s mental health. Specifically with respect to psychotherapy, parenting techniques, and other mental-health practices applied to children, ACT advocates humane, non-violent and scientifically validated treatments, and opposes the use of unvalidated practices, especially those known to be inhumane and abusive by:

  • Raising general public awareness of the dangers and cruelty of such practices;
  • Opposing governmental support and subsidy for such practices;
  • Alerting professional organizations to inappropriate advocacy and promotion of such practices, such as in continuing education programs;
  • Urging appropriate authorities to establish and then enforce standards of care and professional ethics to effectively ban the use of such practices;
  • Assisting, with information and advice, in the prosecution of those who criminally defraud parents and damage children by using such practices or by recommending their use; and,
  • Obtaining some measure of justice for the victims of such practices through restitution and compensation from the perpetrators.