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Originally emailed 21 January 2004

New Website Fighting Attachment Therapy

Advocates for Children in Therapy is happy to announce a new website dealing with pseudoscience known as Attachment Therapy and the many abuses it inflicts on adopted and foster children.

The URL is

The site contains much information about the nature and extent of AT brutality. Look for our section, “What is AT?” for essays and summaries on these topics:

  • Attachment Therapy: Child Abuse by Another Name
  • Abusive Techniques
  • AT versus Conventional Therapies
  • Valid Evidence for AT?
  • AT Parenting Techniques
  • Reparenting
  • Government Subsidies for AT
There is extensive reporting on highly publicized cases of child victimization with AT, including the eight deaths known to us.

Other pages provide: a history of criticism of AT; a sampling of the opinions of 70 organizations and individuals opposing AT, coercive restraints in therapy, or both; and an archive of recent
AT News.

We hope soon to put up a NewsRoom page (covering publicity about AT), reports on specific proponents and providers of AT, and surveys of regulatory and legislative activity touching on AT.

We urge you to use our site for comprehensive information regarding all aspects of Attachment Therapy. We hope you will also use it to let others know about the horrors of AT.

We welcome your comments, too. If you can think of anything you’d like to see on the website, please let us know. If you have something of your own you would like to contribute to the site, we would love to hear about it!

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